Poppet valve Ex-protection with reduced electrical actuation power


Poppet valve Ex-protection

If there is a lack of electrical power or waste heat can become a problem


The solenoid operated poppet valve with the designation SLYPM22 is characterised by a flameproof encapsulated explosion-protected solenoid coil and efficient switching behaviour. With an electrical power of just 6W, volume flows of up to 10 l/min at 350 bar can be switched. In addition, the holding power can be reduced to permanently 4W by means of integrated electronics. This offers the advantage that in explosion-hazard areas the surface temperature of the solenoid coil can be kept well below the ignitability of flammable liquids and gases. Zinc-nickel coating protects the valve body, solenoid coil and armature tube very well against corrosion. On the one hand, this solenoid operated poppet valve cartridge is used to hold heavy loads seat tight or for clamping and gripping in explosion-hazard areas above ground or in mining. On the other hand, thanks to the low power consumption, the field of application is in self-sufficient systems with limited electrical power.

Further details can be found in data sheet 1.11-2066.