Factsheet lifting and lowering


The new factsheet for lifting and lowering is now available

A core task of hydraulics is the lifting and lowering of loads, especially in forklift trucks, but also with lifting platforms, cranes, elevators, winches, etc. For small and medium-sized industrial trucks, such as forklift trucks, lowering is usually controlled via proportional valves in the bypass. For reasons of productivity, the lifting and lowering speed of the fork should be as high as possible without exceeding a maximum safety speed. This is limited by means of load-independent flow controllers. However, a high fork speed requires the appropriate technology for smooth lifting and lowering of the load. Various valves and hydraulic concepts can be used for this purpose. The best choice are the all-in-one proportional 2-way flow control cartridges with pressure compensator and a seat function in the normally closed switching position developed for this purpose.

You can find the factsheet under Download as .pdf file.